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Four Facts You Should Know About Dental X-Rays - Advice from your Langley Dentist

Dental x-rays provide exceptional diagnostic capabilities, allowing dentists to see beneath the enamel and gums to identify oral problems early. Naturally, many parents are concerned about the radiation associated with this procedure. But the truth is, a routine exam releases very low amounts of radiation, which is comparable to the amount you are exposed to on a daily basis; like a short airplane flight.

Believe it or not, hidden and untreated dental problems can cause more of a health risk than dental x-rays. Digital images enable your dentist to screen you for oral cancer, which can be successfully treated if detected early. 

Here are four more facts you should know about dental x-rays:

  1. Not only can dental x-rays detect cavities, but they can also provide your dentist with important information on your teeth structure. This can better help locate and treat problem areas and oral conditions, including erupting teeth, and bone diseases. X-rays also provide your dentist with the ability to evaluate the results of an injury and treat conditions that are not visible to the human eye. 
  2. Your child’s teeth are constantly growing, and x-rays can provide your dentist with a view to their changing bite and alignment. As such, your dentist can suggest the best treatment for these changing conditions. Also, children are more vulnerable to tooth decay than adults and bi-annual x-rays can help detect early signs. 
  3. Your dentist will only take dental x-rays if they are required. The need varies from person to person and is recommended at different times for each patient. Your dentist will take films once they have evaluated your medical and dental history and performed a dental exam. If more information is needed to assess your oral health, x-rays will be taken with the proper precautions in place. 
  4. Today’s dental x-rays are safer than past procedures. With lead aprons and other shielding equipment to ensure minimal radiation exposure, patients can have reassurance knowing they are being better protected. X-rays are also taken quickly with high speed film and digital technology. It’s best to speak with your dentist for advice and recommendations on the best course of action for you and your child’s dental needs.

If you are new to the Langley area and searching for a dentist, Ivory Dental Centre is always accepting new patients. To better serve you and limit your exposure to dental x-rays, you can ask your previous dentist to send us a copy of your latest films. We will review your x-rays to determine if you require updated films and answer any questions you may have. We are available to provide clarification on any of our procedures to help you make an informed decision. 

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