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Denture Care 101: Getting the Most Out of Your Investment

Dentures can last five to 10 years when they are well-cared for – but doing so may require more maintenance than you realize. It is important to realize that denture care is not just about ensuring your false teeth are in top form and looking their best; proper care will also protect your gums and any remaining teeth you may have.

Denture Maintenance Tips to Follow
Proper care of your dentures can get you the most out of your investment and keep your mouth clean and healthy. Some things to keep in mind include:

  • Using Great Care When Handling – Dentures will break if they are mishandled and especially if they are dropped. Always place a towel in your sink when cleaning or holding dentures to protect them if you accidentally drop the set.

  • Brush and Rinse Your Dentures – Just like real teeth, dentures need brushing to remove buildup, plaque and food particles. Use denture-safe toothpaste and brush your dentures every day. Follow brushing with rinsing them thoroughly under cool water.

  • Use a Denture Cleaner – When cleaning your dentures, use a denture cleaner. Some toothpastes are too harsh for denture materials and even mild dish soap could be harmful. Ask your dentist about which cleaners are right for the type of dentures you have.

  • Consider Soaking Overnight – Dentures need to remain moist so that they can retain their shape. The best way to keep them moist overnight when they are not in your mouth is by soaking them in a denture solution. Just make sure to rinse off the solution when you wake up and before you put your dentures back into your mouth.

  • Keep Up with Regular Dental Checkups – Just because you have false teeth does not mean you do not need regular checkup appointments. Your dentist should have advised you as to how often you need to be seen and when your dentures should be professionally examined and cleaned; just like when you had your real teeth.

  • Only Have a Professional Repair Your Dentures – If ever your dentures need repair, bring them into your dental professional. Trying to repair them yourself could further the damage or even permanently ruin the dentures.

Have Your Dentures Assessed at Ivory Dental Centre in Langley
Whether you need new dentures or it is time for an adjustment, the team at Ivory Dental Centre can help. We offer Langley and Surrey residents:

  • Full and partial dentures

  • Denture cleanings

  • Denture adjustments

  • Denture repairs


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