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Easter, Valentines & Christmas: Holiday Oral Care Tips for Children from Your Family Dentist in Langley

During the Holidays, whether it be Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Easter, it’s a good idea to speak with your children about properly caring for their teeth as they indulge in copious amounts of sweet treats.

Sugary, sticky foods and beverages turn into acid and eat away at the teeth, causing tooth decay. By taking the following steps now, you can help ensure your child has a strong and healthy smile as they grow older.

  • Candy, cookies and pies should be given as an after-meal snack. The mouth produces the most saliva after eating, and saliva can help protect your child’s teeth from developing tooth decay. 
  • Dairy can help reverse the effects of acid, which is why it’s a good idea to give your child a bit of milk or cheese with holiday treats.
  • After your child eats sticky candy, encourage them to floss, or if they are too young, floss their teeth for them. Flossing will help to remove candy particles and prevent cavities, which can develop into tooth decay if left untreated. 
  • In an effort to control the amount of candy your child consumes around the Holidays, particularly Halloween and Easter, it’s smart to store candy in a sealed container and allow your child to indulge only at set times. 
  • Drinking water can help combat tooth decay, so encourage your child to stick to water instead of fruit juice. If you often purchase bottled water, be sure to opt for choices with fluoride content, as fluoride can help prevent cavities. 
  • Help your child develop good oral care habits by encouraging them to brush their teeth two times a day, for a few minutes each time. 
  • Whenever possible, try substituting sweet holiday treats with healthier options like carrots, celery, cucumber, cheese, etc. 
  • Schedule and keep your holiday dental appointments with your kid’s dentist in Langley. The holidays can definitely be a busy time, but taking care of your child’s teeth is just as important, especially if they have freely indulged in all kinds of sugary treats. 
  • If your child plays sports, it’s highly recommended that he or she wear a mouthguard, which can help protect against chipped or broken teeth, root and bone damage and tooth loss. Speak to your family dentist to determine the best option for your child.  

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