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How to Take Proper Care of Your Braces

Braces are a great way get straight teeth and to prevent dental problems such as crowding as teeth grow and develop. Modern braces are more inconspicuous than ever, and even adults are getting them to help achieve the smile they have always wanted. Braces do, however, require some special care and maintenance. Here are some important tips on how to care for your braces:
- Flossing & brushing
If your braces have elastics, then they need to be removed before brushing. Use a soft toothbrush and brush your teeth gently but thoroughly, spending plenty of time on each tooth and making sure to brush all around the brackets and wires. Flossing is important as well, even though it may take a while. You will need to carefully thread the floss under the main wire between your teeth. This may seem hard to do at first, but you will be able to get the hang of it with practice.

- Eating with your braces
Getting braces shouldn't have a big impact on the sorts of foods you eat; you'll probably just have to cut them into smaller pieces to allow for easier chewing. You may, however, need to avoid or be more careful when eating hard foods such as apples, pretzels, nuts, or hard candy, and soft foods such as taffy, corn on the cob, and especially bubble gum.

- Maintaining your braces
The most common problems that occur with braces are loose or broken brackets, wires, or bands. If you experience any one of these problems, then you should call your orthodontist to set up an appointment to correct it. If you are experiencing discomfort in the meantime, then you can reattach a loose bracket with some orthodontic wax or gently nudge a bothersome wire out of the way if it is irritating the inside of your mouth.

You should always seek out an orthodontic professional if your braces require any sort of maintenance. If you are looking for a dental clinic with well-trained and experienced orthodontists in Clayton Heights, Langley or Cloverdale, then Ivory Dental is here for you. We'll make sure that any problems you have with your braces are resolved as quickly and painlessness as possible, and answer any further questions you may have about how to properly care for them.
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