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Understanding Your Braces Options for Fixing Crooked Teeth

Aside from presenting a cosmetic concern, crooked teeth can also result in mild to serious dental health issues. Thankfully, modern dental technology provides many fantastic options for fixing crooked and misaligned teeth. Children in the Langley, Cloverdale, and Clayton Heights areas are often referred to an orthodontist to ensure that their teeth are aligning as they should, and more adults than ever are seeking solutions to straighter teeth.
Braces Options for Children and Adults
Children and adults have many of the same braces options to choose from. The first and most common choice is traditional metal braces. Metal brackets, while they are noticeable, have become a lot smaller and more discrete over the past decade. They also tend to be the least expensive option.

Plastic or ceramic braces are similar in size and shape to metal braces, but they are tooth-colored and therefore much less noticeable. On the downside, however, they are more costly and can stain easily if not properly taken care of.

Lingual braces are also available for those concerned about the noticeability of their braces. These are the same as traditional metal braces, except they are affixed to the inside of the teeth. Unfortunately, this makes them more expensive, harder to clean, and more difficult to adjust.

Braces Options for Adults
The only option that is not usually recommended for children but which can be a good choice for adults and even teenagers is known as Invisalign®. As the name would suggest, Invisalign® is a way of fixing crooked teeth in the most discrete way possible. It consists of a series of custom-made plastic aligners that are replaced approximately every two weeks over the course of a year. While a great choice for certain orthodontic problems, Invisalign is not the best option for severe overcrowding or vertical issues.

If you're looking into methods for fixing crooked teeth in children or adults, then our dental professionals at Ivory Dental can help figure out which option is right for you. Our qualified orthodontists have experience providing our clients in Langley, Cloverdale, and Clayton Heights with both traditional and newer teeth straightening methods. We can let you know if you are a good candidate for our Invisalign® services and get you started on the road to a straighter smile right away, so call Ivory Dental Centre today.
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