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What to Do If You Are Experiencing Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is a tricky symptom to have, as it can result from many different underlying causes. There are, however, different types of tooth pain that may be caused by different problems.

Here are some common tooth pain symptoms and why you might be experiencing them:

  • Momentary sensitivity to hot or cold foods is often caused by slight tooth decay or gum recession. However, lingering pain that lasts more than 30 seconds may be an indicator of progressed and potentially irreversible decay.

  • Experiencing a sudden, sharp pain when biting down on food can be due to tooth decay, pulp damage, a loose filling, or even a cracked tooth.

  • If you have a dull ache and pressure in your teeth and jaws, it is likely because you are grinding your teeth. This is a condition known as bruxism.

  • Severe tooth pain and swelling of the surrounding gums is very serious, as it might be a sign that a tooth has become infected and that the infection has started to spread to the nearby gums and bone.

When You Should See a Dentist
You should always try to see a dentist if you are experiencing tooth pain. Even mild tooth pain can be a sign of a severe underlying problem, and may worsen if not properly looked after. Plus, if it doesn't turn out to be a major issue, your dentist in Langley can at least recommend a treatment for sensitivity.

If you cannot make it to the dentist right away, then you can, in the meantime, try to handle your tooth pain with some over-the-counter painkiller, following the directions on the label. You can also try using a cold compress, and it is recommended that you use warm salt water to rinse the affected area.

Tooth pain should be considered a dental emergency and a dentist should be consulted right away if the pain is severe, accompanied by a fever and swelling, and if you have difficulty opening your mouth, swallowing, or breathing. Your best course of action would be to visit a dentist, such as Ivory Dental, that provides emergency dental services in Langley, Cloverdale, and Clayton Heights. We will make sure diagnose the cause of your tooth pain and set up with the proper treatment right away, so call Ivory Dental Center today.
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