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Dental Fillings in Langley

Patients can benefit from dental fillings made using a wide variety of traditional materials, alternative amalgams and SEALANTS.

Many dental patients have important questions about fillings and the amalgams used to restore teeth. In order to put those fears at ease, the American Dental Association has provided the following educational information about the safety and usefulness of dental amalgams.

Dental Silver Amalgam Safety

With continued studies by the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, metal dental fillings do not cause any significant health hazards unless the patient has an allergy to the material. In fact, scientific research has not produced very many cases of allergic reactions either. This means that the majority of dental patients are safe to use traditional dental amalgams in their tooth fillings.

Using Sealants 

Other available Langley tooth fillings include sealants that are applied in the grooves and crevices of the chewing teeth (top surface) to help prevent food particles and bacteria from entering the teeth and causing cavities. Sealants last approximately 1- 2 years and are most useful on the new and unblemished teeth of children to help prevent cavities , although patients of any age can benefit from these fillings.

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Alternative Amalgam Materials

Traditional tooth filling materials, such as gold and base metal alloys, continue to provide exceptional strength and durability that make them ideal for restoratives in the teeth toward the back of the mouth. Many of the newer materials used for fillings do not offer these qualities for everyday chewing.

However, advances in dental technology are making alternative materials such as plasters and ceramics available for tooth repairs and corrections. Some of the most common Langley tooth fillings include:

  • Composite fillings made from a blend of acrylic resin and finely ground particles. This particular combination produces a tooth-coloured material that is very durable for small corrections in non-chewing teeth, such as those visible in the front of the mouth. 
  • Glass and resin ionomers are tooth-coloured fillings that are not resistant to pressure, so they are typically used between teeth or at the roots of teeth. Too much chewing pressure will crack this type that is made from a mix of fine glass powders and acrylic acids. 
  • Porcelain or ceramic restoratives are very strong when bonded to the underlying tooth. They are also the most natural-looking type of filling, making them the most popular despite the lengthy application process. Too much pressure can cause cracks to form in these fillings, and they can damage other teeth when their surfaces become too rough.

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