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Langley Invisalign® Services

Get the latest in advanced braces technology in Langley and Surrey!

Invisalign® can help you obtain straight teeth in a little over a year—far less time than their metal counterparts, and without all the limitations that used to come with having braces. With Invisalign®, you can continue to eat or drink what you love, so there's no embarrassment or special considerations to remember when you eat with family and friends. You can remove Invisalign® braces easily, meaning easy cleaning and no pain. And the best part is—no one can tell you're wearing them!

Invisalign aligner trays are made from medical grade polyurethane resins. They are completely biocompatible and contain no harmful chemicals or plasticizers. Created by combining human expertise with precise computer imaging, Langley Invisalign is designed specifically to fit your unique mouth. Gone are the days of going in for painful braces tightening or a difficult removal process. Here to stay is a convenient, discreet way to quickly align your teeth!

How Does Invisalign® Work?

After being fitted for aligners, you will wear each set for two weeks. The only time you'll remove them will be to eat or drink, and to brush your teeth. Each new set of aligners will continue to adjust your teeth toward their final positioning, and the gradual movement process will allow for minimal pain and discomfort. About every six weeks, you'll return to us so we can check on your progress and make adjustments as necessary. You'll typically go through around 18-30 sets of aligners during the process, but everyone is different and that number may vary.

A favourite of celebrities, Invisalign® is proven effective both in clinical studies and in practice. Thousands of satisfied patients owe their perfect smile to this treatment. Because of the extremely customizable fitting of the aligners, Langley Invisalign® treatment is suitable for teenagers and adults alike in both Surrey and Langley BC. Contact our office to discuss your options today!

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