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Dental Bonding for Residents of Langley, Surrey, and Surrounding Areas

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a naturally perfect smile.

As a matter of fact, being born with flawless dental structure is unbelievably rare, and maintaining impeccable dental health is even rarer. Teeth wear out over time, leading to discolouration and, in some cases, tooth decay. On top of natural wear and tear, accidents happen, causing chips, cracks, or breaks. Thankfully, the dentists at Ivory Dental Centre provide a simple solution in the event you should experience any of these circumstances: Dental Bonding.

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a process in which an enamel-like material, or resin, is applied to your tooth’s surface, sculpted to a desired shape, hardened, and then polished to closely resemble the look of a natural tooth. Its versatility enables it to be used as a remedy for several dental health issues, such as:

  • Repairing tooth decay (composite resins can be used as cavity fillings)
  • Repairing cracked and chipped teeth (bonding resin coats teeth, and fills cracks, protecting your inner tooth from infection-causing bacteria)
  • Repairing broken teeth
  • Protecting the roots of your teeth if gums recede

In addition to oral and dental health benefits, dental bonding also comes with a series of cosmetic benefits, as well. Such as:

  • Improving the appearance of stained or discoloured teeth
  • Changing your tooth’s shape to provide dental uniformity
  • Reducing, or even completely closing, gaps between teeth
  • Making teeth look longer

Moreover, this procedure can usually be carried out in a single visit at our Langley dental clinic!

The Dental Bonding Procedure for Surrey, Langley and Abbotsford Patients

Dental bonding generally follows a simple set of procedural steps. In terms of pre-procedure preparation, there is actually very little that needs to be done, aside from your dentist using a shade guide to properly match resin to your natural tooth colour. Also, unless bonding is being used to fill a cavity, anesthesia is often not necessary to carry out the process.

The actual bonding process begins with the scraping, or roughening, of the surface of your tooth, and the application of a conditioning liquid to facilitate the adherence of the bonding material. The putty-like resin is then applied to the tooth, and sculpted to the desired shape. In order to harden and bond the resin to your tooth, your dentist will use a special ultraviolet light or laser tool. Once the resin has hardened adequately, it will be shaped and refined, before being polished to match the sheen of your surrounding teeth.

The entire dental bonding process usually takes about an hour, and there is very minimal recovery time afterwards. More often than not, you can eat and drink normally right after your appointment.

Ivory Dental Centre is Accepting New Patients from the Langley & Surrey Areas

For all information regarding Langley Dental Centre’s dental bonding procedure, please feel free to contact our clinic’s staff. We’ll be more than happy to explain the process to you, as well as provide you with info to help you decide if this procedure would suit your needs. In the event of a dental emergency, our dentists will be on hand to provide a quick and effective solution in the shortest of delays.

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