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General and Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Langley

General Tooth Extraction for Surrey and Langley Residents

Our dentists are primarily focused on maintaining overall dental and oral health through regular check-ups, cleaning, and minor repair. However, depending on the severity of dental trauma or disease, extraction sometimes becomes the safest way to effectively resolve issues before they escalate further. Injuries, as well as tooth decay or periodontal disease, place you at a high risk of infection; therefore, in such circumstances, extracting the tooth is the most appropriate course of action. Thankfully for residents of Langley, Surrey and surrounding areas, the dentists at Ivory Dental Centre provide tooth extraction services in a safe and sterile environment, and will also present options for rebuilding your smile after the tooth has been removed.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

All individual mouths are unique; therefore; when speaking of wisdom teeth, it must be noted that not all patients require wisdom tooth extractions. However, these individuals would be more of an exception than the rule. While some people have enough space to accommodate the growth of wisdom teeth, the vast majority of us are not this lucky. If you’re one of the many whose mouths are already overcrowded, you will undoubtedly require the removal of these large molars at some point in your life.

In addition to putting you at risk for infection, due to the absence of adequate space, the growth of wisdom teeth will assert pressure against other teeth, causing them to shift painfully and awkwardly. Sometimes these shifts can be so severe that they can prevent you from being able to properly open and close your mouth. In order to avoid the need for future orthodontic treatment, early detection is critical.

As a general rule, we recommend that you have your wisdom teeth extracted as early as possible, and the best way to find out if you require this procedure is through regular visits to your dentist. Wisdom tooth extractions are common procedures at Ivory Dental Centre, and our dentists do their absolute best to ensure it is carried out as comfortably as possible.

Post-Tooth Extraction Care

The tooth extraction itself only represents half the battle. Properly caring for the extraction site is essential for a full and speedy recovery. Our dentists will provide you with comprehensive post-removal care guidelines after they’ve performed the removal, but here are some of the most common tips to follow after any dental extraction:

  • Smoking should be avoided at all costs
  • Don’t brush or floss the extraction site until it has completely healed
  • Instead of brushing or flossing, for the first few days, you should opt for simply rinsing your mouth gently
  • If you notice some swelling, you should apply an ice pack or cold compress to the area
  • Avoid putting any tension on stitches. Therefore, drinking from a straw should be avoided, as this act causes a strain on stitches in the back of your mouth.
  • Follow the diet guidelines provided by your dentist until the site has fully healed
  • For any pain you experience, you should ask your dentist about which mild pain relievers would work best

Contact our Langley Dentists with Any Questions

After allowing enough time for your mouth to properly heal, our dentists will provide you with a range of options for replacing extracted teeth (not necessary for wisdom tooth extraction), and restoring the natural look of your smile. Ask your Ivory Dental Centre dentists for more information regarding our dental extraction procedure, cosmetic dentistry options, or to find out if this course of action is appropriate for you.

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