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Convenient Orthodontic Services in Langley and Surrey

If your teeth are crooked, crowded, missing, or if your jaw seems to be misaligned, you may benefit from braces. Our dentists in Langley provide orthodontic services to identify the source of any tooth problems and can give you braces to fix them—correcting your smile and improving your dental health down the line. We are proud to provide orthodontic services to Surrey and Langley patients.

Braces are best for children who are 7-14 years in age, since their facial structures are continually developing. Adults may benefit from braces as well, but for them, teeth correction often involves additional procedures. If you need braces, it is important that you receive them quickly, since they are a time-sensitive and long process.

You could travel a long way to see a special orthodontist in Langley, or you can visit our dentist, who is an expert in installing braces and correcting crooked teeth. With us, your smile is in good hands. When you come in for braces, we will consult with you and help you choose from these options:

  • Conventional braces, which use metal strips or bands
  • Plastic or metal brackets, which are bonded or cemented to your teeth
  • Lingual braces, or brackets attached to the back teeth.

What to Expect When Receiving Your Braces

Our orthodontic specialist may need to make a plaster cast of your teeth before you receive treatment. He will likely take full X-rays of your head and mouth.

After choosing a strategy and type of braces, the dentist will install the necessary brackets, etc. in your mouth. This correctional equipment will need to be checked and adjusted from time to time to guide teeth to the proper position.

After a period of time (generally a year or two), your braces will be removed, revealing a straight and well-aligned smile. To keep teeth from moving again, you will be asked to wear a retainer for a certain amount of time. Not following the instructions given to you regarding your retainer may result in your teeth shifting from their correct position. However, if taken care of properly, your beautiful smile can be permanent!

Call us today to set up a consultation for your braces at our Langley office!

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