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Root Canal Therapy in Langley

A dentist will treat many areas of a person’s mouth including the gums, tooth surfaces and even a tooth’s roots.

A root canal is a small channel that branches below the tooth. Each tooth’s root canal stretches downward until it reaches the end of the root. Keep in mind that a tooth will have from one to four root canals, and unfortunately, people may require dental care for them. During an appointment to treat a root canal, Langley dentists may give the patient sedation, which has a calming effect for most people.

The Cause of Root Canal Problems

Most tooth issues begin with an infection that spreads to the tooth’s pulp. The pulp area is the inner portion that has tissue, nerves and blood vessels. As the infection grows, it may affect the roots. Tooth injuries may also cause pulp problems. A person with a diseased inner tooth may experience tooth sensitivity and pain. Furthermore, the spreading infection may cause an abscess to form, which is a section of a small pus pocket.

About Root Canal Therapy

For most patients, root canal therapy is an effective treatment. During the procedure, the dentist will remove the infected tissue areas, which will stop the infection from spreading and restore the tooth’s health. Specifically, the therapy is meant to save the tooth and prevent the need for a crown or an implant. Before technicians discovered the treatment, the only method for resolving an issue with a diseased tooth was to remove it.

Procedure Details

When patients require therapy for a root canal, they will need to visit the dentist from one to three times. During the first appointment, the dentist will place a small hole into the tooth’s top to reach the inner channel. Once the hole is placed, the dentist will remove the diseased tissue from the tooth. He or she will also clean and disinfect the channel to prevent the infection from reforming. The dentist will replace the tissue with an elastic material. Medication may also be added into the channel to prevent the infection from coming back. If the patient needs a crown, then the dentist will fill the hole temporarily until the crown is ready for placement. During a root canal Langley dental patients are unlikely to feel pain or discomfort.

Langley Dentists Have the Resources to Treat a Root Canal

When a patient requires root canal therapy, Langley dentists are equipped to handle the issue quickly and painlessly. Call us for more information or set up an appointment today.

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