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Ivory Dental Centre Offers Professional Teeth Cleaning to Langley Residents!

Contrary to popular belief, proper dental and oral hygiene consists of more than simply brushing and flossing on a regular basis.

While these two elements definitely contribute to good oral health, a tooth brush and floss can still fail to remove stubborn plaque that hides in the spaces between your teeth. Letting plaque accumulate can potentially lead to chronic bad breath, tooth decay, gum disease, as well as other, more serious, health risks. In order to completely eradicate plaque and maintain excellent oral health, your best option is to regularly visit your dentist for routine teeth cleaning, and Langley’s Ivory Dental Centre’s qualified staff is more than willing to help.

The Teeth Cleaning Procedure in Langley

We understand that dental cleaning appointments trigger slight anxiety in many patients, and we do our best to make sure the experience is a positive one. As a matter of fact, getting your teeth professionally cleaned by a qualified general dentist or hygienist is really nothing to be afraid of, and consists of several non-invasive steps. The first step in any teeth cleaning is the initial examination of your oral and gum tissue, as well as an overall inspection of your teeth. Your hygienist will use a small mirror and metal probe to test for redness or swelling in your gums, as well as to measure the depth of the tiny pocket between your teeth and gums. At the same time, your hygienist will keep an eye out for issues such as tooth grinding (bruxism), as well as make sure your teeth come together properly.

In order to get a better look at your dental structure, you can also expect x-rays to be taken. These will provide your dentist with valuable and detailed visuals of your teeth and your jaw, as well as signs of damage caused by minor trauma invisible to the naked eye.

The importance of Bi-Annual Teeth Cleaning Appointments

Regularly getting your teeth cleaned, generally on a bi-annual basis, is absolutely crucial to maintaining proper oral and dental health. Even if you brush and floss your teeth every day, getting them professionally cleaned is not only an excellent way of keeping your mouth healthy and your breath fresh, but it also serves to prevent serious consequences.

As discussed above, plaque buildup can wreak havoc on your teeth because it feeds on the surrounding protective enamel, leading to tooth decay and even loss if it isn’t treated in a timely manner. Additionally, the toxins produced by the bacteria in plaque can cause serious issues with your gums, leading to diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis. Regular teeth cleanings will not only eliminate the risk of plaque buildup, but they also allow your dentist to regularly check for signs of gum disease.

Most importantly, habitual dental cleanings enables your dentist to examine you for oral cancer. Early detection is crucial to successful cancer treatment, and frequently visiting your dentist can potentially save your life.

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